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Throughout her life Andrea Raft has found herself drawn to art and the expressiveness it offers. She first studied painting at the Brentwood Art Center in Los Angeles, where under its auspices she traveled to Giglio, Italy, to study and paint. It was in Giglio that Andrea developed her interest in layered colors and texture. The walls, doors, and streets of the 11th century old walled city inspired her to paint in overlapping layers, revealing a certain patina and history. Subsequently, Raft spent six years in the Bahamas, where she was tutored by her proximity of the sea and by the unhurried pace of life around her, more recently in the countryside of California’s central coast, and now residing in the Coachella Valley.

Each shift from ancient to modern, from urban to rural, from land to sea and desert, from east to west as well as her travels to Asia have enriched Andrea’s artistic perceptions, enabling her to study, paint and show her work professionally in a host of disparate environments.

Andrea is currently a member of the National Association of Women Artists, Women Painters West, Artists Council (Coachella Valley) and Jewish Artists Initiative of Southern California.

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